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This blog was created for sharing knowledge for Microsoft Developers and Microsoft Certified Trainers about Office 365, Azure, SharePoint and .Net.

New Microsoft Azure Exam: 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft is creating a new Microsoft Azure Exam - 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, in order to better align the objective domains to Architecting solutions in Microsoft Azure and not the details in implementing solutions in Azure like we have today in the 70-534 exam.

This new exam will also bring changes to the current certifications that use the now old 70-534 Exam. MCSA and MCSE will start using this in the next few weeks. If you have a current MCSA/MCSE or MCSD certification that used the 70-534, your certification will still be current. I also recommend you to check the new Microsoft Azure Certification that Microsoft is releasing. You can find more information's at:  https://borntolearn.mslearn.net/b/weblog/posts/announcing-three-new-azure-exams

Microsoft is also creating a new MOC (Microsoft Official Course) that aligns with this new exam. It will be the 20535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. According to the Born to Learn post it will be available in February 2018.

You can find more information in this Born to Learn article: https://borntolearn.mslearn.net/b/weblog/posts/microsoft-exam-70_2d00_535-to-replace-70_2d00_534_3a00_-architecting-microsoft-azure-solutions-on-november-30-_1320_-here_1920_s-what-you-should-know-

Azure DevTest Labs: Set expiration date for new VMs from Azure portal

In Azure DevTest Labs, you can now set a Virtual Machine to expire on a specific date. You already could do this via ARM templates, but now this is possible via Azure Portal. 

How does the Expiration options works?

Basically, the VM will be deleted on the specific date that you have specified. This is a very valuable feature to save you money and time. Being a consultant, trainer and speaker in several conferences I need to create labs quite often to show some of the cool features of Azure / SharePoint and other Microsoft Products. Not one or two times that I have forgot to delete resources that I no longer need and only remember some days after. During this time, I get billed by something that I wasn’t using… Silly me!!!

But now when I create a new VM under Azure DevTest Labs I can just choose an expiration date and I don’t have to worry about being billed for something that I will not use.

You just need to select your Virtual Machine expiration date:

Cloud Pro PT Community Launch

Joining efforts with 4 other fantastic fellows: André Vala, Niko Neugebauer, Pedro Vala and Ricardo Costa, I have created a brand new Technical community in Portugal – Cloud Pro PT. This community will focus on Cloud Products mainly, but not only, in Microsoft Azure. We want to help share the knowledge and information about the cloud and how can we build better tools and services based on cloud services.


We will have our first community meeting on the 8th of February, 2017 – 18h30 to 21h30 at Microsoft Portugal Offices. In this first event, we will have a great speaker lineup: Jason Nadal (Microsoft Portugal) and Luis Calado (Microsoft Portugal).

This meeting is free but registration is mandatory to estimate the number of attendees. You should register at: https://www.eventbrite.pt/e/bilhetes-cloud-pro-pt-meeting-1-31525840638

You can also join our Facebook group and follow our Twitter account.

Microsoft Azure Dev/test offer renamed

Microsoft had renamed the dev/test offer. The name has changed from MSDN Dev Test Pay-As-You-Go to Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test. This offer is designer for all teams that need a Dev and/or Test Environment in the Cloud and not only Visual Studio users, like the previous name.

Why I’m writing this post just because of a name change?

Well because I see a lot of customers using standard subscriptions for their Dev and Test environments, when they could just use this type of subscription. Using this subscription customer get better rates and save some budget for other projects. In an IaaS scenario, and at the date of this post active Visual Studio subscribers, will only pay the Linux VM rate, because all the other software: Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, … is included in the Visual Studio Subscription.

“Each active Visual Studio subscriber on your team can use the Microsoft software included with their subscription on Azure Virtual Machines for dev/test at no extra charge—you’ll just pay the Linux rate for VMs you run, even VMs with SQL Server, SharePoint Server, or other software that is normally billed at a higher rate. Upload custom virtual machine images yourself or use one of our pre-configured images from the Azure Gallery.”

You will also can take the advantage of lower rates on Cloud Services, HDInsight, and Web Apps.

More information at: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/offers/ms-azr-0023p

On February 1, 2016, Azure DocumentDB will move from global to regional meters

DocumentDB will move from a single, global meter to multiple regional meters for specific Azure regions. You’ll be charged based on the region in which your data resides, not the country or region associated with your Azure subscription. This change may cause a price increase on your monthly Azure bill for your usage of DocumentDB.

As part of this transition, the resource GUIDs for DocumentDB will also change. We recommend that you make appropriate changes to the resource GUIDs in your custom applications. For more information, please visit the GUID mapping webpage. For more information on pricing, please visit the DocumentDB Pricing webpage.