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Office 365 Guide: Change your Tenant to First Release

Moving your Office 365 Tenant to First Release you will get the new features in first hand, way before the regular tenants get then. Of course this option has a certain risk involved and is not advised to Production Tenants.


In order to change your Office 365 Tenant to get the First Release feature you should follow this steps:

1. Access to the Office 365 Administration Portal under: http://portal.office.com and login with your administration credentials.

2. Under Settings choose the Organization Profile option.


3. In the Organization profile, under Release preferences you should click in Edit


4. In this screen you should choose the First release for everyone option if you want that all your users, or First release for selected users if you want to only have first release news for only a subset of your users on Office 365.


If you choose the First release for select users you will need to choose the list of users that will have access to the new features of Office 365 before the final release for all the other Tenants.

Office 365 Network Public Preview


Microsoft had announced the public preview of the new Office 365 Network based in Lithium (https://www.lithium.com/). In the last years this network has been very active and was based in Yammer.


Currently we have more than 88k members in the “Yammer” Office 365 Network, but because Yammer was not created with an Internet-public forums scenario in mind, Microsoft created the new Office 365 Network. In this new Network, the content will be publicly available, so it will be easier to find via a simple search engine like Bing, Google, …


Start today to ask questions and share your knowledge in the brand new Office 365 Network: https://network.office.com/

You can also start to Follow me in the new Office 365 Network: https://network.office.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/65

You can check the official announcement at: https://blogs.office.com/2016/07/15/announcing-the-public-preview-of-the-new-office-365-network-online-community/

Free ebook: Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets


One more free ebook released by Microsoft. This new book is about Windows 10 for IT Pros. The book title is “Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets” by Ed Bott. Ed is an author of several books about Microsoft Technologies, including Office and Windows.

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I’m enjoying reading the first chapters!

You can download the book in PDF format at: https://aka.ms/Win10Supp/StndPDF

More information at: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/microsoft_press/2016/07/14/free-ebook-windows-10-it-pro-essentials-support-secrets/

Microsoft announced TypeScript 2.0 Beta



Today Microsoft had announced the release of TypeScript 2.0 – Beta.

Some of the new features are:

  • Non-nullable Types
  • Control Flow Analysis for Types
  • Easier Module Declarations

I would like to highlight the Non-nullable Types, just because “null” and “undefined” are two of the most common sources of bugs in JavaScript.

If you work with JavaScript and never tried TypeScript, check what is and learn more about it at: https://www.typescriptlang.org/

More information about this release at: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/typescript/2016/07/11/announcing-typescript-2-0-beta/

MCSA SQL Server 2016

Microsoft just announced the release of 3 new MCSA: SQL Server 2016 certifications. One big difference from these certifications from the previous versions is that now we have 3 MCSA instead of just the current MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014. Microsoft brought back the MCSA SQL Server Developer Certification. Being most a Developer that uses a lot SQL Server, this makes all the sense. So this is good news for all SQL Server Developers and standard developers that use SQL Server has their main Database system.

So, this are the new certifications:

MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development

  • 70-761 – Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • 70-762 – Developing SQL Databases

Note: If you already hold an MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification can upgrade by taking and passing exam 70-762


MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration

  • 70-764 – Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
  • 70-765 – Provisioning SQL Databases

Note: If you already hold an MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification can upgrade by taking and passing exam 70-765


MCSA: SQL 2016 Business Intelligence Development

  • 70-767 – Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
  • 70-768 – Developing SQL Data Models

Note: If you already hold an MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification can upgrade by taking and passing exam 70-768


All MOC courses to prepare you for this SQL Server 2016 exams are already available. MCSE certifications will be announced later this summer.